School Neighbors Association

The School Neighbors Association was formed in June 2015 to improve the impacts that schools have upon neighborhoods in Long Beach, California.  Our primary concern is improving traffic dangers resulting from often huge volumes of school traffic on residential streets (and often on sidewalks and in resident’s yards) that threatens the safety of both school students and neighborhood children.

It is our intention to improve communication between all of the following to promote implementing school traffic safety improvements:

  • School neighbors
  • School administrators and school personnel (e.g., school principals, teachers, and staff)
  • Long Beach Unified School District officials (e.g., transit directors, safety officials, superintendent, and board members)
  • School patrons (e.g., parents of students)
  • City of Long Beach traffic officials
  • City of Long Beach Police Department
  • Elected officials (e.g., Long Beach councilmembers and mayor, state assemblymembers, and state senators)
  • Other community organizations and non-profit groups.

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